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Tropicals Prima Review

———-  A very good deal ———-

The Prima Watercolor Confections – Tropicals mini traveler’s set by Prima Marketing Inc. with its 12 vibrant color pans is a nice surprise. It does not reach the professional kit category, but there are some very neat features and characteristics that make its purchasing worthwhile.

The box does not include any product information (pigment, lightfastness etc.) other than stating the set is artist grade and that the pans are highly pigmented.  I am not sure about the artist grade (especially given the relatively cheap price), but the colors definitely are very vibrant and highly pigmented. They also mix very well and are mostly transparent.

The color selection – for me at least – seems to be a bit repetitive (2 similar blues, 2 similar greens, 2 similar reds/pinks), but other than that all are very nice and clear colors.

The metal box is the best part, it seems to even allow an extra row of pans in the middle, and has more than enough mixing space. To sum up, this palette seems to be a very good deal.

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