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Crochet Owl

———-  Instructions ———-

Materials: 3 colors of yarn (50G), 3mm hook, white felt, yellow floss
Legend: ch=chain, sc=single crochet, inc=increase
Row 1: ch 2, 6sc in second ch from the hook (6)
Row 2: inc in each stitch around (12)
Row 3: inc in every 2nd stitch (18)
Row 4: inc in every 3rd stitch (24)
Row 5: inc in every 4th stitch (30)
Row 6: inc in every 5th stitch (36)
Row 7: inc in every 6th stitch (42)
Row 8-12: five rows of sc (42). After this, change color
Row 13-18: with new color  again only sc stitches (42). After this, change to the last color
Row 19-26: with new color again only sc stiches (42) then leave the yarn long enough when cutting to be able to sew it together on the top. (Don’t fill or sew together at this stage yet)
Eyes: cut them out using a coin as template from felt. Cut a small X for the eye-pins. Insert the eyes.
Beak: with yellow floss make stitches to for the triangle between the eyes. Once all this is done, fill the owl and sew it together with the remaining yarn.
Ears: sew 2 yarns of one of the colors used in the body through the ear-peaks in each ear so that they form an X. Tie a knot in order to keep them in place.
Feet: use simple crochet hearts for the feet then sew them onto the body’s bottom part. Here is video tutorial shows how the crochet hearts are made.

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